Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Increased Innovation & Creativity
Bringing together workers with different qualifications, backgrounds and expereinces makes for more effective, creative problem-solving and breeds innovation. 
More Qualified Workforce
Recruiting from a broader, diverse set of candidates makes companies more likely to hire the best and brightest in the market. 


Scholarships are available to qualifying students interested in our industry.


Participating companies gain access to highly qualified students for internships and entry-level positions

Help us make the commercial real estate industry more diverse
Better Adaptability
As the demographics of our nation continue to change, diverse business will be better prepared to meet the needs of clients, communities and employees.
Reduced Turnover
Failing to create an inclusive, discrimination-free workplace can foster a hostile work environment that can cause valuable, qualified workers to leave, thereby increasing turnover costs. 
Increased Market Share
Diverse workforces can more effectively market to clients from different races, ethnicities, genders or sexual orientations, thereby increasing market share.