The Diversity Collaborative

Our goal is to make commercial real estate a desirable career to a diverse talent pool to help ensure the future success of Minnesota's commercial real estate industry. We partner with similar mission-driven organizations, such as Step-Up Achieve, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, colleges and universities, and individual partners to mentor and connect individuals with the various fields of commercial real estate.

Taking Steps Toward a Diverse Industry

Our mission is to deliver our industry members, the tools, talent and opportunities to drive inclusiveness, diversity and future success.  We envision a future for Minnesota's commercial real estate industry where our professionals demographically reflect our clients, our tenants and our communities. To date, our partnerships, collaboration and promotion have yielded the following successes: 

  • Seven local commercial real estate companies hired STEP-UP Achieve summer interns

  • Recruited and trained 10 volunteer student guides to mentor and work with STEP-UP Achieve students at the 2011 Annual MNCAR Expo.

  • Recruited a number of industry experts to connect with high school and college students in formal and informal education settings.

  • Formed a scholarship to support and encourage diverse candidates in learning about the commercial real estate industry. 

  • Developed a set of CRE industry best practices for promoting diversity.

  • Recieved the prestigious 2012 NAIOP Diversity Award.